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  • 19 octubre, 2023

Reverse so you can English whenever “love you” is considered so you’re able to nearly anybody you like

Reverse so you can English whenever “love you” is considered so you’re able to nearly anybody you like

Reverse so you can English whenever “love you” is considered so you’re able to nearly anybody you like 150 150 andenes2019

Reverse so you can English whenever “love you” is considered so you’re able to nearly anybody you like

You realize, governmental meetings into the Norways is a bunch of some body attained around to gamble pokemon and candycruch – laidback.

“They know that they truly are most, very fortunate not to have been born within the Sweden.” Yeah, I’m out of Sweden and you will I am going to move to Norway… I’m so happy I was produced when you look at the Sweden. The fresh lifestyle fundamental within the Norway is so low compared to Sweden and you will mathematically Sweden continues to be a far greater country. Norway still feels as though a third-globe country in some issue. However, they have more money to enable them to probably repair it upwards.

What i like regarding the Norwegian code is the difference in fascination with friends (happy we deg) as well as your ex (elsker deg)

  • Silvia says

Lol I’m hoping it actually was clear that that has been a joke… Best wishes for the disperse even though! I am curious the reason why you chose to move here if you feel it is so much worse than Sweden.

Norwegians never ever be concerned? Individuals give my father-in-legislation! He’s always stressed precisely how active he’s, even though the simply need they are quick punctually is simply because he is advising someone exactly how busy they are, as well as how far it’s worrying him out… Y’know, unlike actually undertaking their works ??

Breathing in to own “Yes” try a great Swedish procedure, and you will my Norwegian members of the family you should never get that I provided a reply, and just repeat what they merely said.

Hei! Stereotypes out-of maybe not – all of them very spot-on! I am Norwegian which Writings Is mostly about Me personally! ?? I do in fact inhale as soon as we say “yes” of a lot cities – in particular northern from Dovrefjell – and then we commonly generate good tsk-ing noise whenever we say “no”. It’s *not* a specially Swedish situation, due to the fact someone said above! And, i – as anybody – aren’t eg wealthy. Sometime best off than just individuals many other towns and cities because of universal medical care and you may the very least wage you can prosper on, however, hardly any people try *wealthy*. We are wealthy because a nation, since a nation, since the a me. The new oil money is *ours*, and never lining the fresh new pockets of enterprise tops as is popular far away with nature information. This thinking is mirrored within our freedom-to-wander statutes. Lso are.#17 in the our thought cheeriness? That is an excellent peculiarity in our words one (afaik) does not can be found various other languages. We “go up” in the build at the end of an announcement no matter whether what we should state is actually self-confident or negative. We state “I am thus depressed!” with similar up ending within the tone due to the fact whenever we state “I’m very happier!” The fresh Swedes (constantly these Swedes. ) use an effective downwards build when they total bad statements and an up build after they complete self-confident of these. – Pay attention towards the improvement the next time you really have Swedes going to! XD Advanced weblog!

Helps make becoming someone’s significant other most special. Btw: I love Norway! Existed here for nearly couple of years, way-up northern ??

The thing i like regarding Norwegian code ‘s the difference in love for friends (grateful i deg) and also for your ex (elsker deg)

  • Raffen claims

While the an effective Norwegian We have constantly got issues with one… I will give my mom, dad, any element of my children otherwise relatives “Jeg er pleased i deg” bing convert would say it positive singles join means “I love your” but that’s not really what this means, this means “I take care of you a lot” or “you suggest too much to me personally” easily translate it physically it says something such as “I am keen on your”… nonetheless it function “I favor your” without using the new L phrase” Similar to in Spanish in which they do say “te quiero” they usually means that “Everyone loves you” during the english, however in facts it says “We maintain your” In Norway “Jeg elsker deg” and thus which will be translated to “I favor you” is kepted to own boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. “Jeg emergency room pleased i deg” is a very common label made use of within this family unit members, and is exactly as powerfull because the claiming I favor your. However in Norway, the term “elsker” =”love” is actually arranged for usage between two different people who will get exhange bodily fluids. Whenever i see people part of my children, once i need to leave, I’m able to usually render per an embrace and you may state “Pleased i deg”… it results in “I manage your” and it is recognized as an enthusiastic “I love your” without any intimate connotations ??

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